January 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

Every day feels like a gloomy Monday morning; Endless rain pouring down from a grey sky to which there seems no end whatsoever. It feels like having to go to work very early in the morning but you only returned home at 5am from a night out and barely got any sleep. Eyelids weighing heavy, every step feels as if there are boulders attached to your feet. It tastes like that horribly nasty cheap coffee from the canteen, the taste of which lingering on the tongue for hours. It feels like being stuck in a daze for hours, everything present turning into just another routine. Waking up, having breakfast, going where you have to go, returning home, doing some more stuff then back to bed and start the whole process all over again.

I know power is in our own hands and you’re probably going, yeah…it’s up to you to fix your own shit, it’s not the day that sucks, but your own life! But my shackles still remain locked.

Another 365 days lay ahead of us. We’re on day two already. Another year. What could it possibly have in store for us?


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