Socialism on planet Mars!

March 17, 2014 § 4 Comments


A species, closely related to humans have created a near perfect utopia on Mars under a harmonious, socialist regime after years of evolution, with their planetary life being double that of Earth. Having been able to discover the solution of repelling energy and being able to travel to different planets and using it in factories, they believe that they need the help of an earthly resistant. So an expedition is set out to earth in order to select the most suitable man that they require. And they find the right man, 27 year old Bolshevik party worker in Russia during the Great Upheaval of 1905. After working with the Martians and discovering their incredible ways of nuclear fissions, blood transfusions and (near) uni sexuality and the affection he feels, he ends up discovering a devastating secret that the Martians had withheld from him.

A very remarkable piece of Bolshevik science-fiction!


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