That time I wasted two hours on book

March 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

I read this in one go. Took me about…two hours. So, Image

I have one simple word to describe it:baffling
The begin was all-right,
yes, ok, being narrated by Micheal (whose age we don’t even know?)
Then they escape to the forest for completely no reason, other than to create some utopian world for them selves
start experimenting with their sexual urges and obessions,
(we still don’t know the age of any of the people)
to start some ‘revolution’,
I got it up to then, until Joy shows up. I am not even entirely sure if she existed or not.
Then the rest of the book to me, are Micheals imagination,
he getting drunk and having these memory lapses,                                                             the imaginary trial with the ‘ghost’ of Jean Jacques Rousseau
and it ends with Louis and Isobel being guillotined. The end. What.                                         At least, that IS what I understood at the ending.

I actually felt ashamed to have read this, luckily I did not even pay much for it,                       but it was such a waste of my,time



Oberver: ‘Enchanting and deeply disturbing’

‘…the Republic of Trees powers towards a nightmarish and unforgettable climax’

Euhm…disturbing? Enchanting? Wait. Climax..? Can someone point out where that occurs please.

I read the short reviews at the back of the book thinking it is going to be one horrifying store.
Nope, I was not one bit disturbed or grossed out. It just left me bewildered at the end.
I think Sam Taylor can write well, his descriptions are wonderful, and the plot had potential to be something much better.  What the book is lacking is detail, a little background information perhaps and a much slower build up to the climax. It went to fast in my opinion, the sudden appearance of Joy out of no where, the laws, Michaels loss of memory. Nothing is mentioned of the relationship between Alex and Louis. And what exactly Isobel was being tried for. All these confusing events heaping up on each other one after the other made no sense whatsoever.

I am sorry, but this was so terrible it became comical.


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