June 3, 2013 § 2 Comments

I had this interesting conversation with somebody a few days ago about religion, namely about why God allows for the good things and bad things to happen to us. My answer to this was that if he really does exists, it is not in his power to play a role in determining the outcomes of out actions. We are the ones to make our own decisions and we are responsible for the consequences whether they be bad or wrong. You could perhaps see it as a test, it is about dealing with these consequences in the best way you can and moving on and not seeking ways to solve them with violence or anything else. It is about having your faith and you do not have to be religious to do so either. Staying strong and moving on is something everything should be capable of doing.


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  • mrsgem says:

    I used to think I was being punished for the bad choices I made in my life. Sometimes I’m still not sure. But now I think of it more as a challenge or a test as you said. It is how you handle that challenge which helps Him determine where you belong, the good or the bad.


    • That is exactly how I would put it. It is not so much a punishment. It is a sign to show us that whatever action we have taken is wrong and we should correct it.


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