Be happy, or die trying.

February 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Why do most of us complain all the time? You have a house, an income, friends, you don’t live in a war zone, you have a computer, a phone, a car, you can travel, say what you want, BUT YOU STILL COMPLAIN. Now I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t say that I do. I’m not trying to appear holy or anything (why did that just remind me of the Pope ???? lol) but I just want to express my opinion on that. 

BTW, if you’re an Existentialist this will not apply to you. Keep living your life-has-no-point-smoke-cigarettes-all-day-and-do-nothing-life.

We’re greedy humans. It’s who we are no matter how much you deny it. You all are in one way or the other. Why are you not happy with your lives? Because I’m not. Do you see what I’m doing there. Exactly.

There are people living in fear all the time and fear is the worst state of mind to live in. The fear of losing your life, knowing that you may only have seconds, minutes, hours, days until your life is robbed of you. Maybe they are being chased by someone with a knife. It’s dark, they can’t see where they are going and their killer is behind them. They know they don’t have very long, it’s quiet, they can hear the killer breathing and sense he is close, like a dark shadow which slowly engulfs you and there is no way you can escape and then he strikes. The knife slides through your clothes into your skin going deeper, a piercing pain, as if the knife was on fire. A sharp, piercing pain. You scream and fall. The killer is gone. It was a deadly cut, there is no way of surviving and they know that. The antagonizing pain is unbearable, they hope for a quick end. Clutching their wound which is oozing blood, they stare up to the sky for a last moment. But there is nothing, it’s dark, all they see is blackness and its surrounding them, about to absorb them into itself. They don’t make a noise, it’s no use, their life flashes by, the bare memories they have, most of them not pleasant ones. But it was all they had. Their eyes shut and they’re gone.



……………..bloody hell I just wrote a small story ??? My mind intrigues me sometimes you know. Anyway, hope you all enjoy reading that!

And a little something which I found highly amusing, take notes:



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§ 2 Responses to Be happy, or die trying.

  • Brilliant post…I don’t know if you meant to do it but to me..towards the end is a complete metaphor of what fear is, it’s dark but beautifully described… it’s the opposite of living….Fear is the biggest killer ..death personified.


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