Desiderium – What Am I Longing For?

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I really enjoyed reading this

The ‘Brinicle’

January 11, 2015 § 3 Comments

“A brinicle is a long, vertical tube of ice formed beneath the sea. It is known as the icicle of death because it destroys everything it comes in contact with. It’s so cold that it causes the surrounding seawater to freeze around it. The spreading ice kills creatures such as sea urchins and starfishes.”

I just thought it was so beautiful and deadly…

Stressed out

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It is that time of the month again. No, not that one. That one has yet to come, to add to my already existing misery and misfortune. The end of semester two is nearing and of course there will be exams at the end of the month. And I am worried sick even though I shouldn’t be but I really want to do my best on this. I am currently taking a temporary course to raise my grades in order to attend higher education. But I keep stressing out because I don’t want to fail any of them.

I can tell because I’m picking my lips a lot and I have entered a rock phase again. I really don’t care whether I pass with flying colours or barely scrape by. I want them to be over already because my stress levels are rising and I can’t deal with them right now.

Like, is there a way of simply escaping society and all its painful responsibilities and moving somewhere hidden, deep in the forest or something? Because I’m totally in for that. If someone is willing to pay my travel costs that is…

Appreciation for the surreal macabre abstract contemporary dark art by Brian Smith

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tumblr_naovb6aTIR1qlq9poo5_500 Pencil82712_BrianSmith sketch31_BrianSmith_thumb tumblr_naovb6aTIR1qlq9poo7_r1_1280


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Every day feels like a gloomy Monday morning; Endless rain pouring down from a grey sky to which there seems no end whatsoever. It feels like having to go to work very early in the morning but you only returned home at 5am from a night out and barely got any sleep. Eyelids weighing heavy, every step feels as if there are boulders attached to your feet. It tastes like that horribly nasty cheap coffee from the canteen, the taste of which lingering on the tongue for hours. It feels like being stuck in a daze for hours, everything present turning into just another routine. Waking up, having breakfast, going where you have to go, returning home, doing some more stuff then back to bed and start the whole process all over again.

I know power is in our own hands and you’re probably going, yeah…it’s up to you to fix your own shit, it’s not the day that sucks, but your own life! But my shackles still remain locked.

Another 365 days lay ahead of us. We’re on day two already. Another year. What could it possibly have in store for us?

Socialism on planet Mars!

March 17, 2014 § 4 Comments


A species, closely related to humans have created a near perfect utopia on Mars under a harmonious, socialist regime after years of evolution, with their planetary life being double that of Earth. Having been able to discover the solution of repelling energy and being able to travel to different planets and using it in factories, they believe that they need the help of an earthly resistant. So an expedition is set out to earth in order to select the most suitable man that they require. And they find the right man, 27 year old Bolshevik party worker in Russia during the Great Upheaval of 1905. After working with the Martians and discovering their incredible ways of nuclear fissions, blood transfusions and (near) uni sexuality and the affection he feels, he ends up discovering a devastating secret that the Martians had withheld from him.

A very remarkable piece of Bolshevik science-fiction!

That time I wasted two hours on book

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I read this in one go. Took me about…two hours. So, Image

I have one simple word to describe it:baffling
The begin was all-right,
yes, ok, being narrated by Micheal (whose age we don’t even know?)
Then they escape to the forest for completely no reason, other than to create some utopian world for them selves
start experimenting with their sexual urges and obessions,
(we still don’t know the age of any of the people)
to start some ‘revolution’,
I got it up to then, until Joy shows up. I am not even entirely sure if she existed or not.
Then the rest of the book to me, are Micheals imagination,
he getting drunk and having these memory lapses,                                                             the imaginary trial with the ‘ghost’ of Jean Jacques Rousseau
and it ends with Louis and Isobel being guillotined. The end. What.                                         At least, that IS what I understood at the ending.

I actually felt ashamed to have read this, luckily I did not even pay much for it,                       but it was such a waste of my,time



Oberver: ‘Enchanting and deeply disturbing’

‘…the Republic of Trees powers towards a nightmarish and unforgettable climax’

Euhm…disturbing? Enchanting? Wait. Climax..? Can someone point out where that occurs please.

I read the short reviews at the back of the book thinking it is going to be one horrifying store.
Nope, I was not one bit disturbed or grossed out. It just left me bewildered at the end.
I think Sam Taylor can write well, his descriptions are wonderful, and the plot had potential to be something much better.  What the book is lacking is detail, a little background information perhaps and a much slower build up to the climax. It went to fast in my opinion, the sudden appearance of Joy out of no where, the laws, Michaels loss of memory. Nothing is mentioned of the relationship between Alex and Louis. And what exactly Isobel was being tried for. All these confusing events heaping up on each other one after the other made no sense whatsoever.

I am sorry, but this was so terrible it became comical.

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